1. WalkClub: “Shoe Hills” Hoodie

If you’re looking for a new gift, for someone who loves traveling on foot in North Carolina, we are it. WalkClub just launched a few weeks ago and we are super excited to share our mission and story with North Carolinians. Since the pandemic hit, we wanted to start a movement to get people walking more and exploring their local community.

Now that it’s pretty much Winter time we wanted to share a favorite wear of ours, the “Shoe Hills” Hoodie. It’s super warm, soft on the inside, and has a pouch to keep your hands toasty on those chilly walks. You’ll probably get compliments because the illustration design is really cool too.

If you’re looking for a lightweight alternative, you can check out our zip hoodie. But we also have some other threads you’ll find very comfy.

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2. Modern Legend: Gifts for Music Lovers

Modern Legend is a really awesome artisan boutique store in downtown Wilmington, NC. They have a variety of things there. Clothing, records, decor, jewelry, games, you name it. But we wanted to share with you what they’re really good at. That’s ALL THINGS MUSIC.

Catherine Hawksworth opened up the doors several years ago to what was going to become a must-visit store when traveling the coast of North Carolina. Her passion for music and supporting the local indie scene has yet to be matched by anyone else in the area.

But enough of talking about it, you reeeaaally need to check out their latest music related gifts…like right now. From rock to hip-hop, it’s all there and pretty unique.

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3. Gather Goods Co: 12 Week Online Course to Discover & Create a More Fulfilled Life

This isn’t any ordinary gift like a coffee mug or hand-knitted sweater. It’s a gift for bringing more fulfillment to someones life, maybe even yours.

Gather Goods Co. is located in Cary, NC. They host a variety of maker workshops, share co-working space, and sell artisan gifts in the storefront. But more recently the owner, Michelle Smith, launched a 12 week online course where she teaches all the things she learned to become a successful entrepreneur and lover of life.

You’ll learn a lot, especially more of who you are. This is a program worth the cost as it is very invaluable and something that won’t break, tear, get eaten all gone’d, or just disappear into thin air.

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4. Edge of Urge: Celebrity Saint Candles

These candles are just great. Nothing else to say. The print designs are humorous and the candle itself will last a while. Everyone remembers those flea market “Jesus” candles and these take it to the next level.

There’s not much more detail to go into here, so we’ll show you a picture. Then you can shop to support a Raleigh business.

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5. Crafty Beer, Wine & Spirits: A Six Pack That’s Not Wack

Since we can’t really go out and drink right now like normal with our friends, we can still cheers safely at home.

Crafty Beer, Wine & Spirits has been open for almost seven years. Located in the historic Five Points district of Raleigh, this bar helps keep the community alive and well. Probably some of the nicest patrons (and owners) you’ll ever meet. They have an amazing beer and wine selection here. You’ll find craft beer favorites from local breweries like Southern Pines Brewing and Lynnwood Brewing Concern.

Drop in during the early afternoon between 2 and 4pm and take your time selecting a mix-match six-er. Or you can order online for a quick carry out. Don’t forget to get a nice big bottle of stout to put under the tree.

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Featured image provided by Jess Bailey