Our Mission

Inspire 20 million people to walk more by 2030.

Our Story (in short)

WalkClub was born from an idea amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It took a lot of walking. And then one day the question in thought came out of nowhere:

What if we could have connection, inclusion, creativity, discovery, better health and love all through getting more steps in?

WalkClub is not just a clothing brand. It’s a movement to get people moving. We believe since the pandemic started many people have been outside more than they ever have been before. This has been a very positive thing. It has allowed us to have a space, individually, or with ones we care about, and discover our community all while trying to stay healthy. And that’s not just physically, but mentally.

Being outside can give someone a sense of solitude. It can restore their purpose. It can also help give life to new ideas that otherwise may have never come about being somewhere inside a building. Walking around can lift the spirit, clear the brain fog and bring clarity to things we may not fully understand yet.

We want to encourage North Carolinians to get out there and explore more by simply walking. It doesn’t have to be an intense or strenuous exercise like running and rock climbing. Many individuals are also not able to exercise at that level. But many can take the slower, safer way.

It’s a pace to see everything. Let’s walk together.